Why choose 4N Passport membership?

Total networking freedom

With 4Networking Passport membership, you can go to ANY meeting across the entire network - there are hundreds to choose from each week; 5000+ meetings every year! 

So many connections

As people get to know you and understand your business, they will put you in touch with people they know. Referrals like this happen all the time at 4N - people giving experience-based recommendations to others. 

Flexible membership options

The cost of 4N Passport membership is soon recouped in just a couple of pieces of work, particularly as packages start at just £100+VAT.


Our generous Invite a Friend programme gives Passport members 5 extra membership days for each first-time visitor they invite who then attends a 4N meeting. 

It's business and it's social

This really is a business community, where people look out for each other, offer brilliant advice & support, and build solid friendships. There have even been some 4N marriages... and babies!

Show off your expertise

You have your own area of specialist knowledge and skill. Our '4Sight' slots at every meeting give you the perfect platform to share this and become known as the go-to expert in your chosen field. 

Upgrade to Passport membership NOW or join at one of our meetings

The best time to join is before or at your first 4Networking meeting. Choose your Passport membership term:

  • 12-month Passport + 1 bonus month: £365+VAT
  • 6-month Passport: £200+VAT
  • With either of these options, you'll also receive a free copy of the bestselling motivational business book 'Now What', signed by 4Networking founder and author Brad Burton. 

Alternatively, the following Passport membership options are available at the second (and final) meeting you can attend as a visitor. These deals will continue to be available online after your second meeting and are also available to rejoin 4Networking:

  • 12-month Passport: £365+VAT
  • 6-month Passport: £200+VAT