How Can you connect with the right people?

  • Your prospecting emails are ignored and that voicemail barrier is a curse.
  • You know where decision-makers are, but they're out of reach, fiercely guarded by gatekeepers.
  • Your social media contacts don't turn into meaningful connections.

Don’t take it personally – this is happening to everyone!

THE ANSWER? Meet face-to-face at networking meetings

  • It's the proven way to get past all those annoying barriers and meet decision makers.
  • It's THE cost-effective way to find new customers.
  • Good (and bad!) reputations spread like wildfire in networking circles, so they are perfect for finding trusted suppliers, collaborations and advisors.
  • Use meetings to raise your profile and become the go-to expert in your field.
  • TOP TIP: Invite the prospect you want to meet to the same 4N meeting - they'll enjoy it and you'll get to meet them!
  • 44 TOP TIPS!: See our 44 Networking Tips
4Networking meeting
4Networking meeting greeting

Nervous of networking meetings?

Don't be! At every 4Networking meeting you’ll be welcomed by the group’s friendly team.

  • Our meeting format ensures you'll relax and enjoy the event.
  • You’ll even be given your own personalised printed placeholder.
  • You can ease into the meeting with a first half-hour of relaxed, open networking.
  • No daft rules and regulations – just be yourself!
  • 4Networking occupies the centre-ground of networking - see why
  • No hard sell about joining 4Networking – if you reckon it'll work for you, then great!

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